How do photographers choose locations?

May 14, 2021

Mother sitting in wildflowers during surrey maternity photography shoot

A great location can truly accentuate and glorify a moment. Varied terrain creates limitless opportunities to frame your gorgeous family memories. Flat open terrain can often provide little elements of interest and very little shade from harsh sunlight.

I spend time carefully scouting locations to find beautiful places which highlight the beauty of the wonderful seasons we have in the UK. Forests, hills, rocks, water and sand all add texture and layering to photographs. A good location provides an opportunity for children to truly explore and be curious leading to the most magical photographs. Some locations are very barren in some seasons but stunning at other times of years. Other locations are overused, busy or very popular for a specific thing so it is important to find a balance. I try to choose more tranquil locations and I look for ways to photograph well known locations in creative ways so your memories are unique.

Being 5ft 2, I love locations that have natural opportunities for me to be higher than you! Hills, logs and fallen trees are great as I can stand on these to get different angles which add to the story of a moment. Slopes to run down and up create movement and form a lovely part of a family film. Specific locations also offer opportunities to diffuse light beautifully which adds sparkle to your gallery.

Some of my favourite locations are woodland, heathland, mountains and anywhere with water. I absolutely adore wildflowers so I really enjoy doing golden hour outdoor photography sessions in flowery meadows. I also love the pops of colour that flowers provide and the vast and stormy skies that frequently loom over these flower fields. This year I am really excited to do a session amongst the wheat fields with all that dreamy blur and texture. I only wish I was closer to the beach and am always up for a beach session if anyone is interested!  For now, I will content myself with the one local stream I have found and will keep scouting for a beautiful shallow river location close to Walton-on-Thames. If anyone has any hidden gems comment below!

Trust me to find a beautifully textured and sunkissed location for your photographs which I will showcase for you in all itโ€™s seasonal glory.

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Laura xo

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  1. Vanessa Gomes

    Great blog post, it’s funny that I am also short and often looking for somewhere to stand up on!

    I agree, woodlands are so beautiful to shoot and flowery meadows. Spring is coming so hopefully there will be lots of opportunities for sessions there ๐Ÿ™‚


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