Surrey family films

The joy of film

Relive those enchanting times again and again…

A family film enables you to press pause on moments that you will never get back and even better, you can play them back again and again.  Every one of your waking hours likely involves supporting your family directly or indirectly. Sometimes you are so entrenched in the routines of daily life that you miss the little moments. Family films preserves all the tiny details and allows you to see the love that shines from your faces.


Laura x

Mum looking at baby daughter at Esher Common in Autumn during family  film

Why choose a Surrey family film?

Fleeting moments frozen forever

My film offering is two-fold. I offer short films of fleeting and beautiful moments from your creative lifestyle sessions. Alternatively, I offer longer storytelling films based on one whole day in your life.

My parents often say that when they wake up in the night they watch the videos of their grandchildren. They are transporting back to that moment in time and they want to relive it over and over again. I love watching back old wedding videos and seeing how life has changed and seeing the wonderful mannerisms and happiness of those who are no longer with us. Seeing them in the way I want to remember them. 

Your children view you on a pedestal- they don’t see your insecurities. Don’t let your self-doubt keep you out of tender memory.  Let me photograph and film these moments for you to remember when they outgrow your lap, when the bedtime stories stop and when they spread their wings.

Add a family film  in Surrey to your package and freeze this time forever.

Flicker films



Beautiful short film set to instrumental royalty free music capturing your family just as they are right now. 


add on to your photography session


30 SECOND - 1 MINUTE FILM featuring precious moments from your session

Full length films



Gorgeous storytelling film of your family in a beautiful natural location. Natural, joyful and candid moments for you to watch over and over again.


2 hour session to capture the moments


2-3 minute film

Surrey Family Filmmaker

Film adds another layer to your family memories

“It’s lovely, really emotional watching that! Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you Laura!

 Walton-on-Thames family